• Elster s.r.o.


About us

The company Elster s.r.o. produces or supplies:
  • Diaphragm gas meters types BK
  • Rotary piston gas meters type RABO, RVG-ST and IRM-3 DUO 
  • Turbine gas meters type TRZ2, SM-RI
  • Quantometers type QA/e and Q 
  • Regulators
  • Heaters
  • Test rigs, production lines
  • Meter components, spare parts for meters and regulators
  • Service and repair of gasmeters and regulators.

Gas meters made in Elster s.r.o. have proven to be good in hard climatic conditions, they had been used by an Australian scientific expedition in Antarctica.

Elster s.r.o. with more than 800 employees ranks to the biggest producers of gas meters and regulators in Middle and Eastern Europe. It belongs to the biggest producers of diaphragm gasmeters type BK G1,6-G6, and important producers of rotary piston meters.

By means of quality and wide range of products and services Elster s.r.o. maintains confidence and satisfaction of its customers.


Green line

For bidirectional communication with customers, employers and external interested parties regarding questions on environmental protection following green phone lines are available: 
+421-905 367 911 or viktor.varga@honeywell.com